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This won't be very long because I'll try to be to the point about this monumental issue.

I tried very hard not to be spoiled because I didn't read the issue the week it came out. Unfortunately that only lasted a day. It pisses me off that when something BIG happens in a comic to a well known character, mainstream media has to cover it so heavily that people that don't want to be spoiled end up getting spoiled.

As to what happened in the issue, Peter Parker ended up dying while trapped in Dr. Octopus' body. Therefore, Ock is now occupying Peter's body. The thing is that Peter got to the good doctor and he appears to want to be a SUPERIOR Spider-Man. Of course, he'll get his chance.

Am I upset that Peter is gone?? Not really because I thought Dan Slott, the writer of the book, did an excellent job with it. Also, the scene when Peter was with people that had died who knew him pushed Peter into doing what he did.

I also think that this change won't last long. We have seen in the past that when some well known comic book characters that have met their end have a way of returning to the land of the living. Superman, Batman, Captain America, Human Torch are but a few that have returned from death. Also, there's another Amazing Spider-Man movie coming out and it will be weird if Peter wasn't in the webs as himself when the movie is released.

It will be interesting to see how long this change lasts.

'Nuff said.


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