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Jan. 15th, 2013 09:35 am
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The controversial end to ASM #700 has split the fandom in half just like it did with the OMD story arc of a few years ago. Unlike that, I feel that the current change will not be very long.

Check this little article out and let me know what you think. Personally, I was thinking on the same lines as what is stated in the article. Even check out some of the comments, the fans certainly have their opinion on it.


Sep. 9th, 2012 05:57 pm
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If anyone has read Avengers Vs X-Men#9, you got to see why Spider-Man is one of the best heroes out there. He was simply amazing, pun intended.


Aug. 13th, 2012 08:24 am
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The comics industry lost one of the greats over the weekend, Joe Kubert who was 85.

He was best known for his work on Hawkman and Sgt. Rock for DC comics.

He will be greatly missed.
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It is always nice to be able to set the course for the next generation. I was humble enough to do that very thing yesterday.

You may be wondering what course I set this person on. Well, it was comics, lol. I was in my local shop yesterday with someone who was just starting out and happened to find things on line. The shop owner pointed to me as an example since I've been a collector for several years. Plus it helped that I get my comics put aside for me, like an in-store subscription service.

Hopefully, I have set that person on a great journey of reading/collecting comics. It also didn't hurt that their parent was there too just to get an idea on how things are done at the store.
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In celebrating the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man, the fine people over at Comic Book Resources has come up with a list of the 50 Greatest Spider-Man creators which was voted on by fans. The list is composed of 25 artists and 25 writers.

The list isn't bad especially on the writing side because that is one part of the list that I totally agree with. The artist side, not so much because I think some should be higher up on the list than others and vice versa.

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Today is a special Birthday, especially since it belongs to one of my favourite fictional characters.

Here's the birthday boy now:

Amazing Spider-Man #546 Variant cover

Happy 50th, webhead!!
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It's nearing that time of year again.



Apr. 8th, 2012 07:08 pm
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Read last month's Spider-Man books.

Loved Avenging Spider-Man #5. The Cap and Spidey part at the end was great.

Amazing Spider-Man #682 was the first issue of the Ends of the Earth story arc and it started off great. The last page was awesome and something I have wanted to see for a very long time. Actually, it was part of a story request I made a couple of years ago.
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Just read Michonne's Story about one of The Walking Dead's fan fave character. It was an interesting read and a nice look back out how Michonne became the person we know.
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Some have been permanent while others have not. But here's a look at the 10 comic book deaths that (mostly)still matter. Take a look, I think a few are pretty recognizable.
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I have a pretty good idea on who the new Scarlet Spider is. It's pretty obvious with the conclusion of Spider Island.

Do you??


Oct. 15th, 2011 02:26 pm
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I have finally got my hands on my monthly batch of comics.

Now, SOMEONE, can stop bugging me about them.
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As some of you already know, Monday's episode of Castle was special for me.

Here's the reason why )

The New 52

Sep. 2nd, 2011 02:33 pm
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So, the DCnU era has now begun. Being mostly a Marvel reader, I do pick up the odd title from other companies, this doesn't affect me. What I am worried about is that the rich history that I know is now gone or changed. That is something that I don't particularly like. Take a look at how comic shops across the US fared on Wednesday with the release of the first book. I may need to ask my comic shop to see how sales went.

It appears that things are mixed but sales are fairly good. I will say this, it's just the first issue. Talk to me again in about 6 months to see if excitement still holds. Personally, I don't think it will.

'Nuff said.
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I don't know how many of you follow and/or know Daredevil but his comic adventures were relaunched last month. But if you haven't read the first issue, Marvel has released a unique version of it for all to enjoy. They have made a audio version of Daredevil #1. Click on the link and scroll down so you too can listen to this issue.


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