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I'm wondering if anyone is still following Heroes?? The last few episodes have been pretty good especially the last one. The ending to that one was pretty comical.


Sep. 23rd, 2009 05:48 pm
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Watched the season premiere of Heroes, finally, and I liked what I saw. I'm really hoping that this season turns things around. The setup for the season looks good and the plots for some of the characters are very interesting.

So, feel free to share what you thought and I'll throw in my two cents in reply.
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The 3rd season's Villains arc is about to conclude with Monday's new episode which is entitled "Duel". You can check out some clips and a synopsis of the arc's finale here. After a slow start, the last few episodes have been pretty good. My hope is that it continues in the next arc which happens to be called "Fugitives".


Nov. 3rd, 2008 05:53 pm
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When I took my morning stroll on the web, I was shocked at a piece of news that concerns Heroes. There has been a change made behind the scenes of the hit NBC series. Declining ratings has been the stated reason for the change and I wonder what my flist, especially the Heroes chat participants, think of this news.
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Last night was another excellent episode of Heroes as the Villains story arc continues on. During the chat, I made some comments about Mohinder and his spider-like abilities. That got me thinking about how to really describe what he's done so far this season and I came up with something. Take a look under the cut to find out.

Spider-Mo )
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Tonight is Heroes and that means chat time. I may have to go in well armed just in case the male drooling reaches a fever pitch tonight, lol.

This means I'm ready for ya tonight, ladies.
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To all the people who are suffering from Heroes withdrawal, I may have a solution.  Over on CBR, the have a column called, wait for it... Behind the Eclipse.  This column takes questions from both the guys behind the column and fans which are asked to a couple of the show's producers.  Generally the questions are for the previous episode.  They are currently looking for fans to send in questions, so you can learn more about it by going here.  Check it out.

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Here's what to expect from Heroes when it comes back. Whenever that will be.

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Here are some pics for this Monday's episode of Heroes, enjoy. 


Heroes pics

Nov. 9th, 2007 06:31 pm
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Here are some exciting pics from the next episode of Heroes. This episode should be the best one so far. Enjoy. 

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Here are 3 clips to the next episode of Heroes.  Enjoy.

Walk the Line clips

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I did some writing today.  Yay!!  It wasn't a lot but it was more than what I have been getting done.  Maybe it is a start of more to come, at least that's the goal any way.

Spider-Man 4 has a writer and it's revealed here, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Here are some episode descriptions for Heroes.  These episodes will air during November.  If you want to find out what's going to happen to our favourite Heroes, you can read this article.  If not, don't check out that link.

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Here are some wonderful pictures to Monday's episode of Heroes

The Line )
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Here are 3 clips from Monday's episode of Heroes.  Enjoy.

The Line clips
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Yesterday, I posted some pics for Monday's episode of Heroes.  Today, here are some clips from that very episode.  You need to scroll down a bit to get to the links.  I think you'll like them.

Fight or Flight clips 
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Here are some pics for next week's episode of Heroes.

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 Here is this week's instalment of Behind the Eclipse thanks to the fine folks over at CBR.

Behind the Eclipse: Season 2, Week 3
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Here are 4 clips from this Monday's episode of Heroes.

The Kindness of Strangers

Scroll down to the bottom and that's where you'll find the links.  Enjoy. 


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