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In the past, the Hero Initiative has used comics in their fund raising. A few years ago they used Ultimate Spider-Man and this time around they are using the New Avengers. A bunch of talented artists were approached to provide covers for a particular issue of New Avengers. There are some great pieces and some that I like a lot. If you can guess the ones that are of particular interest to me, I'll give you a No-Prize.
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Title: Doing the Right Thing
Author: [personal profile] mark_clark
Fandom: New Avengers
Rating: PG
Word Count: 829
Beta: [personal profile] htbthomas
Summary: Jessica still has mixed feelings about what happened to her and talks to Peter about it.
Characters: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman
Author's Notes: Story takes place after the events in New Avengers #62 but before their participation in the Siege storyline.

Once word reached the New Avengers that … )
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Take a look at the new look New Avengers

New Avengers )
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Title: A New Avengers Christmas
Author: [personal profile] mark_clark
Fandom: New Avengers
Rating: G
Word Count: 1069
Beta: [personal profile] htbthomas
Summary: Luke and Jessica want to give their daughter a wonderful first Christmas. To do that, the enlist some assistance from their friends in the New Avengers.
Pairing: Luke Cage/Jessica Jones
Author's Notes: This story was written for the_wanlorn as part of the Yuletide 20009 challenge.

Snow was falling this cold December... )


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