Oct. 10th, 2010 06:12 pm
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My Red Wings have opened the NHL season 2-0 after a win over the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Also, the Detroit Lions won their first game in commanding fashion.

This phrase from Mel Allen comes to mind about the Lions: "How about that?"
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The Detroit Pistons are going to be sold and the man that may purchase the team has some experience in owning major sports teams. Mike Ilitch, the owner of the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers is in the running for the Pistons. Mr. I., if successful, will become the first person in the US to own 3 major sports teams.
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This is from the delegation from Russia. Their president wants their sports officials who prepared their athletes for the Olympics to resign. The reasoning: not winning enough medals. I think that is really stupid on their part. As far as I care, Russia should be happy with the number of medals they won because some countries aren't that fortunate. To me, they are acting like poor sports.


Feb. 20th, 2010 01:51 pm
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Watching the American men in action against Sweden and they are holding their own. Hope they win because they haven't been doing all that well at the Olympics in this event. The US women's team haven't been doing much better but they did win last night.

As for my fellow Canadians, they are both undefeated. Now that makes me happy.


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