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Here's another look at Ultimate Spider-Man which premieres this Sunday on Disney XD. Enjoy!!

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Here's another trailer for Ultimate Spider-Man. There is some footage that we've all seen before but there's some new stuff as well. Enjoy!!

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Here are a few clips of Ultimate Spider-Man, which are courtesy of USA Today. Click on the link to see some interesting footage.
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Don't know if I posted this before, if I did, oh well.

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It's nice that we now have a date for the premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD. It's on April 1st and that's no fooling. Don't know when or where it will air in Canada but I'll probably have to download episodes to watch them any way.

Anyone looking forward to this new series??
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Word has been going around that USA Today reveals some details about the ending of the Death of Spider-Man arc that is currently running in the Ultimate books. If, like me, you want to be spoiler free, do NOT click on links that go there. Me, I'm staying as far away as possible.
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Just finished reading last month's issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. The ending just blows you away.

'Nuff said.


Apr. 27th, 2011 05:34 pm
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Here's something that I was theorizing about concerning Ultimate Spider-Man. What I will say will be under the cut, so read at your own risk.

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New Look

Apr. 19th, 2011 06:20 pm
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Here's a look at Spidey's new Ultimate duds.

The new Ultimate Spider-Man )
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Rejoice, I have a beta for my Castle fic!!

This was worrying me a little because I was afraid about not finding one. With that taken care of, I just have to wait for my trusty beta to send my fic back. I got my fingers crossed so that I can post it sometime next week.

Now, my other set of news. In case you haven't heard, the new Spider-Man animated series which will be called Ultimate Spider-Man premieres this fall. There will be someone familiar with the Spider-Man universe that will voice one of the characters. J. Jonah Jameson will be voiced by the actor that played him in the first 3 films, J.K. Simmons. I was floored with this news and look forward to hearing him as JJJ in USM.
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Loved Feb. issues of USM especially the last few panels of #154.

'Nuff Said.
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Now this was a really nice surpise. I like this news a LOT.


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