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Finally, the voters for awards got it right for a change. Detroit Tigersstarting pitcher, Justin Verlander, not only got the Cy Young award for pitching this past year but he also got the American League MVP award.

The Cy Young was unanimous and the award most people in baseball figured Verlander would walk away with. The MVP was attainable but not a sure thing but I am glad he got it.
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This was what Sparky Anderson told Kirk Gibson during the '84 World Series just before Gibby hit a homerun that helped the Detroit Tigers win that World Series. This is one of the memories I'll have of Sparky. The former Tigers manager passed away today at the age of 76 due to complications from dementia. This is a great loss not only to Tigers fans but baseball as well. Today we lost an amazing ambassador of the game and one of the greatest managers of all time.

RIP Sparky, you will be greatly missed.
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As far as I care it couldn't happen fast enough. The Tigers ended the season with 4-2 win and ending a 6 game losing streak. Today, 3 of their free agents were told they would not be pursued by the club. Two of them I personally agree with but the last, I wish they would consider going after. Plus, they mentioned a couple of their FAs that they would try and resign but one I wish they wouldn't.

For me, I would base decisions on performance and that would be several guys wouldn't be coming back. This team has plenty of potential with the right players and if they could get consistent performances from pitchers and hitters, the Tigers would be an exciting ballclub to watch.

The Tigers make the right moves this offseason, they may become that team.
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I started this on Twitter so now I'm doing it here. If you think Tigers manager Jim Leyland should be fired, give me a hell yeah.
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It goes to show what one bad call can do. The Detroit Tigers could've had their first perfect game in their storied history but a bad call from the 1st base umpire screwed that up. Being a Tigers fan, I was very upset at the call. The replay shows that the runner was out and the ump later admitted he made the wrong call. Well, that's a little too late.

This is an example that instant replay is needed in baseball and not only on homeruns.

It truly sucks when a historic event is screwed up by a dumb call.
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If you are a fan of the Tigers, like moi, then tomorrow is a holiday. Yessum, the Tigers' home opener is Friday which is a little unusual because I can't recall when the Tigers had a home opener on a Friday. The play the Cleveland Indians tomorrow and are coming home with a 2-1 record, sorry [personal profile] sean_montgomery.


Mar. 30th, 2010 06:00 pm
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Finally, Nate Robertson is a former Tiger. Didn't see the trade coming but hopefully it works for the Tigers.
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After the Winter Olympics, I can now follow baseball. The games don't count since it's Spring Training but it's nice to have it back. My Tigers squeaked by the Jays today for a 7-6 win. Some of their pitching was good(Bonderman) and some was bad(Robertson, Schlereth - despite getting credit for the win). This could be an early sign on who makes the big club out of this spring and who will not.
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More in particular, Tigers fans lost a good one. Baseball Hall of Famer, former Tigers broadcaster and 3rd baseman George Kell passed away at the age of 86. Growing up as a Tigers fan, I always enjoyed watching Tigers games with George and fellow Hall of Famer and former Tigers outfielder Al Kaline as they called games. He was one of the best broadcasters the Tigers ever had, IMHO. George Kell will be missed dearly by all of us Tigers fans, those who saw him play and anyone who enjoyed his broadcasts.

Rest easy, George.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:38 pm
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My Detroit Tigers got no-hit today during their Spring Training game against the Florida Marlins. Wow!! No-hitters are a rarity in baseball but I bet they are even rarer during ST.
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Some may think it's weird talking baseball in December but there is some wheeling and dealing going on. My Tigers have made a couple of deals. They got a new catcher via trade who's pretty good defensively and offensively. Also, they may have a new shortstop through free agency pending a physical which is an upgrade defensively from the one they had last season. Now, they can focus on pitching, which they REALLY need to do.

Hopefully all these moves will improve the Tigers chances next season, boy do I hope so.

Not happy

Jul. 10th, 2008 05:50 pm
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The Tigers today handed the Twins a victory this afternoon. With a record like they have, the Tigers can't afford to lose games like that and they better not do it again.

But all is not gloom and doom, I've been reading Wonder Woman lately and I'm enjoying it. There are several female heroes out there and WW is now a fave of mine.
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How do you spell relief?? W-I-N, if you are a Tigers fan. They finally won last night and let's hope it's the start of something good.
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The Tigers threw another one away as they lost to the Royals 4-1 today. They gave up 13 runs and scored only 5. What a freakin' joke. Right now, they are playing like they did during their 13 straight losing seasons. They better start playing better ball and pitching better or this may be a long season, which it's starting to look like. Freakin' losers.
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The Tigers fall to 0-2 )

My next post should be a little more positive.
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Not a happy day in Tigertown today. They blew a 3-0 and the bullpen didn't gave up the winning run in a 5-4 11 inning defeat to the Royals. This is the 2nd straight year they have lost the home opener and I am NOT happy but I know who is though.

It's just one game but with a team that the Tigers have, they shouldn't have lost and they need to win Wednesday to avoid going 0-2 to start the season. Their pitching let them down today and that is what it will take for them to have a wonderful season.
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The Tigers had their first game of the Spring today. As the scoreboard suggests, they had a productive day but it was against Florida Southern college. Their first real test is tomorrow when they open the Grapefruit League season.

I was able to start my next chapter to my fic and I got a page done. Also, I was able to complete the tune up to my first chapter. Hopefully, the next fews days will be good to me writing-wise so I can get another chapter taken care of.
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In response to my good KC Royals fan. I'm just as much of a baseball fan as she is. :)

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I knew this was a matter of time but I'm glad the deal finally got done.

Rogers resigns with Tigers

This shores up the rotation and now the Tigers can concentrate on bullpen help when the Winter Meetings start on Monday. 


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